M-Eskudo “bank in your hand” is the next generation of digital finance based on a dedicate device for the last mile. It is the global anywhere anytime remote platform for banking

M-Eskudo targets the unbanked and underserved

There are about 2bn people (168m in wide-Europe) and 200m businesses without bank accounts and an additional equivalent number are financially underserved. As growth takes people out of the base of the pyramid, their need for financial services grows as well.

M-Eskudo is a platform for incumbent and non-traditional Financial Institutions (B2B2C model) that seek to disrupt banking by strengthen their foothold in the digital age and offer differentiated services. It is ready for Internet of Things and may support blockchain nodes. It is based on a patenting device inspired in payment cards (2,5bn users worldwide), passbooks (850m) and mobile banking (110m) replicating what customers love while eliminating what they and respective bank dislike in each of these products. It provides a last-mile access to banking, so convenient, safe and easy that everyone, independent of literacy, will use it.

The exceptionally experienced team includes engineers, designers, financiers and MBAS

  • Manuel Valadas Preto
    CEO, business development
  • Nuno Mateus
    payments and security
  • Ricardo Silva
    finance and banking
The team was trained in relevant organisations such as Mastercard, Tesco Bank, Accenture, Powa. With capabilities reinforced by leading partners from banking, technology, inclusion and from schools as prestigious as Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa (for technology), London Business School (for entrepreneurship) and Harvard Business School (for social inclusion)